Do. The. Thing. - > Get. The. Watch.

I’ve made this blog in an attempt to hold myself somewhat publicly accountable for trying to achieve my own personal goals. 

Maybe this page will become more structured over time, but for now it’s going to be a rough ad-hoc barrage of outward prompts from myself, to myself. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll get some motivation too ^_~x. 

Anyway, the idea is to just do the things. The goals. The breakdown of small steps that will help in progressively getting them done. 

Here’s a goal:  GET THE WATCH!

I have a WHOLE BUNCH of coca-cola labels.. and if I put them in to the website, 10 labels per week - after about 120 labels, and 12 weeks - I get a watch! A shiny lime green watch! 

I want this watch. I HAVE all 120 labels

Doesn’t seem like it takes much brain-work to figure that I should have the watch by now, right? Well I don’t. And I have no-one to blame except myself

So… alongside some other goals, fitness and lifestyle oriented,lets just start with 10 labels per week for 12 weeks straight. 

First lot of 10 labels…. Just. Do. The. Thing. 

Below is the link to the watch. Watch - Watch - Watch.

Watch me get this watch! :3 
Or join me and get one too!